Iglesia Bautista Resurreccion, Marti

Requested: 9/22/2018
Requested by: Ana Maria Gonzalez Silva
Pastor: Samuel Betancourt Hernandez
City: Marti, Cuba

This church serves as a hub for 3 missionary camps that are located 12, 5, and 2 miles away from the church. Currently, the missionaries walk to each camp hoping for a private driver to offer them a ride (most of the time they are not offered a ride because of the high number of hitchhikers in the area). One of the missionaries is over 50. Reliable cost-effective transportation is currently their greatest need as it will be used to reach lost souls. Marti also suffers from frequent power outages. The power fails every time it rains, and can frequently last over 5 hours. The church supplies many meals to the community, however, the food spoils every time there is a long-term power outage.

Critical Needs
Electric Moped/Scooter capable of traveling at least 30 miles per charge. (fuel version is acceptable but expensive to operate).

2 or 3 kWh Fuel Efficient Electric Generator

Mountain Bikes (to facilitate the transportation of missionaries to remote areas in Cuba that are not accessible by vehicles).

Other Requests:

Children’s Ministry: Crayons, clown costumes, biblical story items, illustrated bibles, markers, glue, erasers, rulers, markers, soccer balls, volleyball, and baseball equipment: gloves (both hands), bats, balls and catcher’s gear.

A/V Equipment: Microphones, self-powered speakers, projector, laptop, microphone cables, and mixer.