Ministry Update – We Are GO… Again!

The issues that came as a result of the deterioration of political relations between Cuba and the U.S. in addition to the Coronavirus Pandemic are now behind us and our Authorization for Import has been reinstated! PRAISE THE LORD!

Our container is currently scheduled for pickup on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021!  We need your help!

During this pickup, we will need to transfer heavy items from our staging container to the container that will be shipped to Cuba. We will have a Cuban dignitary on-site to help us and perform a final inspection of items being sent. As items are being stored in 2 physical locations, the first pickup will occur at Cronin’s Porch and Patio and will take about 1 hour to load. The container will then be delivered to Gospel Baptist Church to load all remaining items, which should take about 2-4 hours. We need about 10-15 strong individuals who can easily lift 50-100 pounds to help us load. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the church office at (239) 947-1285.

We have also purchased and received 24 sound systems, 48 microphones, and other needed musical equipment that will be included in this shipment. This purchase is not yet fully funded by donations. The total investment was $7,974.75 and we still need roughly $6,000. If you would like to donate online towards this purchase, please click here and add “Disciples for Cuba” to the cart.

This effort was only possible through your prayers and God’s interventions. Our God is the God of the impossible!