Thank you for helping us equip Christian churches in Cuba!

There are 2 ways you can help:

Donate Supplies & EquipmentFinancial Contributions

Send us your unused/retired working equipment & supplies! Give a new life to equipment, supplies, and materials that are collecting dust and taking up valuable space.

If you don’t have any used equipment to donate, we encourage you to browse through the Outstanding Church Requests on the right of this page and view requests from specific churches in Cuba. You can fulfill the requests of a specific church by purchasing the items and shipping them to us! Simply tell us which church you purchased the items for, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you don’t have any specific churches in mind and would like to donate purchased equipment, we encourage you to purchase and donate items listed as Critical Needs below. We will make sure it goes to a church in Cuba that needs it.

Critical Needs

* Please see our A/V Equipment Guidance page

Please ship goods to:

Gospel Baptist Church
Attn: Disciples for Cuba Ministry
24861 Old 41 Rd
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Phone: (239) 947-1285

Important Notes: Although the Cuban people will be grateful for items in any condition, we ask that all donated items be in good working condition as there is no availability of spare parts for any type of repair. All items will be donated at no cost to the Cuban people. As our staging facilities and staffing are limited at this time, if you plan to donate a large number of items please contact us first so that we can coordinate.

Other Items You Can Donate

We send both Religious Materials & Other Tangible Goods. As religious materials cannot be combined with other goods per Cuban law, we must ship them in a separate container. As a result, we fill 2 types of containers with goods at any given moment and will ship containers once full.

Container Type 1: Religious Materials (Spanish Only)
Large Print Bibles (Reina-Valera 1960 Old + New Testament)
Sunday School curriculum & teaching aids
Children’s Illustrated Bibles/Books
Bible Story Visuals

Container Type 2: Other Tangible Goods:

Children’s Ministry
Clown Costumes
Colored Paper
Biblical Costumes

Portable Playpens/Cribs
Rocking Chairs
Baby Swings
Pacifiers, Diapers, Bottles

Youth Ministry
Baseball Equipment:
Gloves (both hands)
Bats, Balls, Catchers Gear
Soccer Balls
Volleyballs, Ball Pumps

Other Ministries
Folding Tables/Chairs
Plastic Cups/Dishes
Kitchen Equipment
Nursing Home Beds
Church Pews/Chairs*

A/V Equipment (details)
Mixers, Amps, Mics, Cables
Self-powered & Unpowered Loudspeakers, Monitors
Laptops, Projectors
50-100ft HDMI/VGA Cables
Guitar Strings

Tools, Power Drills, etc
Paint (white, oil & latex)
Roofing Material
Electrical (wires, outlets, breakers)
Air Compressors, Air Tools
Generators (<=900w)
Musical Instruments

Office Supplies
Reams of Paper

Transportation (to facilitate the transportation of missionaries to remote areas in Cuba that are not accessible by vehicles)
Mountain Bicycles
Electric Mopeds (30+ mile range, <=1000w)

Missions (Rural Outreaches)
Clean/Lightly Used/New Clothing & Shoes
Inflatable Mattresses
Water Filtration Devices

* Churches in Cuba are not climate controlled and as a result are humid. Pew/Chairs without fabrics or made with mold/mildew-resistant fabrics are preferred.

Shipping items to Cuba is a costly endeavor. The cost of acquiring, storing, and exporting 20ft containers is currently roughly $4,500-6,500 US per container shipment. Because religious materials cannot be combined with other goods per Cuban law, we ship religious materials & other tangible goods in separate shipping containers. Once items reach Cuba, we must pay customs duties to the Cuban government for the value of each item.

When you make a financial contribution, 100% of your donation will be used to either help us pay for direct shipping costs or for helping us acquire critical supplies and equipment that are needed but have not been donated. Currently, our ministry is entirely composed of unpaid volunteers.

As a ministry of Gospel Baptist Church, your financial contributions will be deposited directly into a church account that is specifically designated for the Disciples For Cuba Ministry.

Gospel Baptist Church is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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Donate by Check

Please send checks to:
Gospel Baptist Church
Attn: Disciples for Cuba Ministry
24861 Old 41 Rd
Bonita Springs, FL 34135