Iglesia Bautista Luz de Cristo, Santiago de Cuba

Requested: 6/4/2022
Requested by: Adiel Oliveros Abella
Other Contact: Diolber Milet Roig
Pastor: Deibi Visset
City: Matayegua, Finca San Miguel, El Caney, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Critical Needs
3x fans

The church has also requested prayer for resources needed to repair their chapel and pastoral house, along with a request for missionary support. Their church is located in the mountains and resources are scarce as access is difficult.

Iglesia Bautista en Ducureaux, Santiago de Cuba

Requested: 6/4/2022
Requested by: Adiel Oliveros Abella
Pastor: Roelvis González Gomero
City: Ducureaux, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Critical Needs
3x Computers (Children’s ministry, A/V ministry, ministry of Discipleship & Evangelism)
Digital Piano

The church has also requested prayer for their missions work in the mountains, requesting specifically for workers that can live on the mission field.


Iglesia Bautista de Mariel

Requested: 5/10/2019
Requested by: Ana Maria Gonzalez Silva
Pastor: Janfry Rodríguez Marcheco
City: Mariel, Cuba

This church has a large group of children. Children’s materials are needed. They also have a dining room that can serve the elderly in the community, but they need tables and chairs. They have a musical group for praise and worship that has instruments, but the audio system is in very bad condition. They are in the process of building a new educational building and need some tools.

Critical Needs
50 chairs
8 folding tables
1 amplifier   FULFILLED!
2 speakers  FULFILLED!
4 microphones  FULFILLED!
2 large pressure cookers
1 projector for children

Other Requests:

office supplies (a printer, a laptop, ink for the printer, pens, clippers, diaries)
children’s toys, books, Sunday school materials, and music
prescription eyeglasses
1 hammer drill
1 polisher
1 hand saw
various pliers
2 ceiling fans

Iglesia Bautista La Hermosa, Cueva Fria

Requested: 1/8/2019
Pastor: Danilson Hernández Jiménez
City: Cueva Fria – Baracoa, Cuba

Critical Needs
Audio Equipment (Speakers/Mixer/Amp) FULFILLED!
Electroacoustic Guitar
Digital Piano
Sunday School Materials (20)
Mountain Bikes (3)

Iglesia Bautista Rios de Aqua Viva, Baracoa

Requested: 1/4/2019
Requested by: Yosney Labañino Furones
Pastor: Eneider Labañino Nuñez
City: Baracoa, Cuba

Critical Needs
Audio Amplifier FULFILLED!
Toys for children FULFILLED!

Other Requests:
Flat screwdriver FULFILLED!
Phillips Screwdriver FULFILLED!

Iglesia Bautista Luz del Evangelio, Baracoa

Requested: 12/27/2018
Requested by: Jorge Elio Arguello
Pastor: Yurleidy Dominguez Vega
City: Baracoa, Cuba

At this time, they are working on construction of their church building. They are requesting your prayers on finishing this work.

Critical Needs

Other Needs:
Electric drill
Sound Amplifier FULFILLED!
Toys for Children’s Ministry


Iglesia Victoria en Cristo, Mayabeque

Requested: 10/21/2018
Requested by: Julio Félix Valdés Polanco
Pastor: Rolando Mendizabal Hernández
City: Mayabeque, Cuba

Critical Needs

Polycarbonate Corrugated Roofing Panels
Sound Equipment FULFILLED!

Other Needs
Arts & Crafts FULFILLED!
Sports Equipment  FULFILLED!