Currently accepting donations for our next shipment this year.

We are currently in the process of acquiring tangible goods for our next shipment to Cuba this year. We hope to ship before the end of the year. If you would like to contribute any of the following items or make a financial contribution to help us acquire goods and pay for direct shipping costs, please contact us ASAP!

Our next shipment will be delivered in 2 x 20ft shipping containers. Religious materials cannot be combined with other goods per Cuban law and must be shipped in a separate container. As a result, we fill 2 types of containers and will ship them once they are filled. The cost of acquiring, storing, and shipping 20ft containers is roughly $4,500 US per container shipment.

We need:

Container Type 1: Religious Materials
Bibles (Reina-Valera 1960)
Sunday School curriculums & teaching aids (Spanish Only)
Children’s Bibles/Books (Spanish Only)
Tracts (Spanish Only)

Container Type 2: Other Tangible Goods:
Sunday School materials (crayons, coloring sheets, etc) & games.
Nursery Toys & Furniture
Church Pews
Audio/Visual Equipment (sound amplifiers, speakers, microphones, cables, and projectors)
Laptop Computers
Folding Chairs/Tables
Office Supplies
Mountain Bicycles (to facilitate the transportation of missionaries to remote areas in Cuba that are not accessible by vehicles)
Nursing Home Beds/Furniture
Clean/Lightly Used/New Clothing & Shoes
Baseball Gloves/Bats/Balls
Hand/Power Tools

Although the Cuban people will be grateful for items in any condition, we ask that all donated items be in good working condition as there is no availability of spare parts for any type of repair. All items will be donated at no cost to the Cuban people.

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